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Striding Edge will use it's combined expertise to provide you the very best business advice in the prepaid sector. Services include strategic planning through to practical execution.

Prepaid Payment Solutions & Prepaid Card Marketing from Helen Child of Striding Edge Ltd

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How we do it

All industries have a lexicon of language and the prepaid market is no different.  Our role is to navigate you through the baffling jargon, translating it to plain English and get bottom line results, so that you and your business have the very best prepaid support services.

Our straight forward, flexible approach centres on understanding you strategic aims, listening to your operational challenges and collaborating with your team to inspire new direction and change.  By sharing our insights, experience and knowledge we believe together we can talk through all the options, to help you successfully evolve and shape your plans into sustainable incremental revenue.  Having been around the block, we've seen which prepaid support services work and which ones do not.

"Engaging with all stakeholders especially your customers is a principle philosophy of ours."

Engaging with all stakeholders especially your customers is a principle philosophy of ours.  Involving them is important, so we listen intently to what they say.  As leading prepaid card providers, we believe this is the smart way to delivering a smooth, convenient, and enjoyable customer journey for a successful business prepaid card program.  One that your customers will love and want to experience time and time again.

We are completely passionate about delivering the very best prepaid support services around.  We place your customers experience at the heart of how we do it whether that be; number crunching business models, the careful application of financial regulations through to creative marketing campaigns.

...And yes we thought you'd like to know like our projects have a beginning middle and end, so that our prepaid support services can be delivered with in time and budget.